Philosophy of The School

Good Thinking, Good Doing, Know the Conscience.

Vision of The School

Knowledge together with Conscience, Create innovation, Head to Welldoer.

Identity of The School

Welldoer Student.

Uniqueness of The School

“Innovation Demonstration School of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi is the Headquarter for contribute the Science, Technology, and Language Knowledge to students”.

Determination of the School

Pay Attention to manage basic education which encourage Science, Technology, and language.

Core Value of The School

1.Brave to stand with integrity.

2.Honest and Responsible.

3.Be transparant and can investigate.

4. Don't discriminate.

5.Be loyal to organization

6.Service Mind.

Corporate Culture

1. Good Governance

2. Result Base Culture

3.Team Culture

4. Competency Culture

5.Happiness Culture