Grade 11 students studying physics and chemistry at the Faculty of Science, RMUTT

🎬⭐🎬 Grade 11 students come to study at the Faculty of Science. In Physics 2 on Mechanical Equilibrium and Chemistry 2 on Atomic Mass and Chemistry […]

Grade 10 students studying physical science at the Faculty of Science at RMUTT

🎬⭐🎬 Grade 10 students come to study at the Faculty of Science. in the course of physical science Vector subject and Chemistry course on matter and […]

Congratulations to Jirapat Mahathian

🎉🎉 Congratulations to Jirapat Mahathian who won 1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal with team trophies In Taekwondo competition, King Kanitthathirat’s cup Department of Her […]

Grade 2 students learn at NSM about BIGBANG and friends of banyan

Grade 2 students at the Innovation Demonstration School of RMUTTTravel to learn outside the classroom, do Bigbang activities and friends of banyan.at the National Science Museum […]