congratulation to Mr.Patawee Sirimuang

On September 27, 2020, Patawee Sirimuang, grade 3/2, went to the golf tournament CGA-CHANG PAR3 CHALLENGE 2020, won the second runner-up award, age 7-9, Division 1, […]

Congratulations to Pawornchanok Soonklang M.11

congratulations to Pawornchanok Soonklang (Champa) M.1/1 Participated in the 20th Annual Gymnastics Gymnastics Competition for Excellence in Club Relations for the year 2021award📌 1st runner-up award, […]

Academic Activities for Grade 6 and Grade 9

The school has organized additional academic activities for grade 6 and grade 9 students who are going to study at grade 1 and grade 4. Starting […]

high school students receiving the 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine.